New DCM Organic fertiliser added to our range.

New DCM Organic fertiliser added to our range.


Thorntrees Amenity Ltd are delighted to be the U.K. stockist for DCM Organic fertiliser for the amenity sector. Feedback from our customers has been fantastic, based on results, pricing, longevity, and overall consistency using the new homogeneous mini-gran. 

DCM organic fertilisers are meticulously built from more than 30 different high-quality organic sources. Most of these raw materials are of plant or animal origin that are derived from residual flows from the human food industry. These ingredients are carefully integrated with high-quality mineral components to create DCM organic-mineral fertilisers.

Head over to our Organic fertiliser category on our website to watch a short video which gives a detailed insight into the manufacturing process & benefits of choosing DCM fertiliser. 

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