Enforce® High-N 20-5-8(+2+5) 25kg

Enforce® High-N is a NPK complex fertilizer with ISODUR® and methylene urea slow-release nitrogen, potassium sulfate, magnesium and iron. For intensively managed turf.
Enforce® High-N has a good nutrient ratio for full NPK supply to turf. In combination with the valuable iron content, this ensures green plants and healthy growth. Especially suitable for spring and summer fertilization in turf.
Enforce® High-N contains particularly high quantities of the long-term nitrogen forms isobutylidene diurea nitrogen (IBDU - ISODUR®) and formaldehyde nitrogen with high proportions of the fraction II N (hot water soluble nitrogen). These long-term nitrogen forms ensure the effect for many weeks, ensure high N efficiency and lead to good growth and coloration. Each grain contains all nutrients and thus guarantees a very exact distribution of all nutrients.

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Granule Size 0.7-2.8mm

Application rate

Tees, pre-greens: 25-40 g/m²
Fairways: 15-40 g/m²

Application frequency

Tees, pre-greens: 3–4 per year

Fairways: 3–4 per year

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Weight 25.000000
Content 25kg
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