Floranid® Twin Club 10-5-20(+4) 25kg

Floranid®Twin Club is a slow-release fertilizer with a very high potash and magnesium content for the targeted nutrient supply of potash and magnesium-weak sites. Due to the high potash and magnesium content, the fertilizer can also be used very well wherever there is only a low nitrogen requirement. Floranid®Twin Club promotes healthy growth and makes plants more resistant overall. Floranid®Twin Club has a wide range of applications in public greens/landscaping, golf turf and horticulture. Particularly suitable for autumn fertilization in the lawn.
Floranid®Twin Club contains the double N technology made of ISODUR® and CROTODUR® for efficient and controlled nitrogen release over a period of up to 3 months. The activity index is over 95 %. The double N technology ensures long-term nutrient supply, ensures maximum N efficiency and leads to optimum growth and good coloring. Each granule contains all nutrients and thus guarantees a very exact distribution of all nutrients.

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Granule Size 0.7-2.8mm

Intended application

Top dress fertilization of container plants: soil application


Application rate

2-3 kg/ha

Application frequency

1–3 per year

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Weight 25.000000
Content 25kg
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