Kali Gazon 0-0-27 (+10MgO) 25kg

Kali Gazon was specially developed for the targeted supply of potash and magnesium from golf lawns and other short cut turf. A sufficient supply of potash and magnesium to the soil is particularly important in the case of sandy lawn substrates. Potash and magnesium significantly increase the storage of reserve substances and increase resistance to stress and diseases. An adequate potash supply reduces evaporation losses, so that irrigation water can be saved. Magnesium is an essential element in the formation of chlorophyll and thus promotes the assimilation capacity (energy absorption) of grasses. The high sulfur content supports the formation of proteins and enzymes and has a pH-regulating effect.
Thanks to its fine and even granulation Kali Gazon can be applied easily with spreaders. Nutrient distribution is even as every granule contains all nutrients.

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