Kick® 2.5L

Kick® is a highly effective wetting agent concentrate. It increases the water absorption of all types of lawn and turf soils and prevents drought damage on the turf grass. This also applies to subsequent irrigations in the following weeks. The rewettability is guaranteed by Kick® wetting agent concentrate. The roots can continue to grow intensively again and open up deeper horizons. Kick® wetting agent concentrate is biologically degradable.

  • Surfactant to improve water infiltration into turf sods, especially in the presence of thatch
  • Break-up of hydrophobic sand layers
  • To optimize efficiency of irrigation
  • Anti-dew treatment
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Golf Turf 

Intended application
Green: soil application
Fairways: soil application
Dry spots: soil application

Application frequency
Green: 200-250 ml per 1000m²*
Fairways: 250-300 ml per 1000m²*
Dry spots: 300-500 ml per 1000m²*
*Mix Kick® into water.

Time of application
Follow regional recommendation

Public Green 

Intended application
Anti-Dew Application: soil application

Application rate
Anti-Dew Application: 50-100 ml per 1000m²*
*Mix Kick® into water.

Time of application
Anti-Dew Application: Follow regional recommendation

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