Mole Netting W 100cm x L 200m

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Mole Mesh Netting PPThe net has proven its worth as protection against moles, does not, however, offer protection against rodents. Made from UV stablized polyethylene.
Installation advice:

  • Avoid mechanical damage during installation.
  • Roll the netting out flat. A soil layer of 5–7 cm or when laying turf, 4–6 cm, should be laid over the mesh netting.
  • Use wire pegs or fixing pins to fix the netting to the ground.
  • Each piece of netting should overlap by approx. 15 cm.
  • The netting should be pushed vertically into the ground (approx. 30–40 cm) at a 90° angle at the edge of the area to be protected.
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Weight 14.000000
Width 100 cm
Diameter 17 mm
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