Vitanica® P3 Extra 10L

Vitanica® P3 Extra is a liquid NPK fertilizer. The unique formulation contains, besides macro- and micronutrients, extracts of the two seaweeds Ecklonia maxima and Ascophyllum nodosum which stimulate the development and the root growth thanks to their biostimulating properties. Vitanica® P3 Extra strengthens the plants and increases their tolerance and resistance towards abiotic stress.

  • Biostimulating effect enhances the resistance and tolerance towards abiotic stress
  • Contains natural extracts from the seaweeds Ecklonia maxima and Ascophyllum nodosum
  • Special formulation for foliar application in turf and other crops

Product Analysis 5-9-10+5 Fe+Zn


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Intended application

Foliar application


Application rate

Greens: 5-30 l/ha


Application frequency

Greens: 2–4* per year

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Content 10L
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