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Thorntrees Amenity Ltd

6-2-4 Organic Sports Grass Liquid Fertiliser 10L

6-2-4 Organic Sports Grass Liquid Fertiliser 10L

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  • 100% Natural Liquid Fertiliser, approved by the Soil Association for use in sports grass applications seeking maximum organic credentials
  • Derived from naturally occurring plant extracts.
  • Contains NO animal by-products.
  • N, P, K complex plus Calcium (Ca), Sulphur (S) and Magnesium (Mg) plus other Trace Elements. 

Water soluble concentrate readily diluted for use in conventional spray equipment. 

  • Calcium (Ca), is a constituent of cell walls, regulates transportation of nutrients into the plant, is involved with the formation of Enzymes and Photosynthesis, also cell division and cell elongation.
  • Sulphur (S), is a structural component in several Proteins, Enzymes and Vitamins, important in the production of Chlorophyll for Photosynthesis.
  • Magnesium (Mg) is involved with Chlorophyll production and contributes to new growth sprouting.
  • Trace Elements, Iron (Fe) for Amino Acid, Enzyme and Chlorophyll production. Boron (B) Involved with plant metabolic processes, Copper (Cu) activates several Enzyme processes, assists in the formation of Chlorophyll and Lignin. Manganese (Mn) contributes to plant maturity, Photosynthesis, and Chlorophyll production, combined with Nitrogen (N) metabolism and protein formulation. Zinc (Zn) important for processing of DNA, required for the manufacture of Enzymes, Proteins and Growth Hormones. Molybdenum (Mo).

Application rate -  4L/Ha

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