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Basfoliar® Root Booster SL 20L

Basfoliar® Root Booster SL 20L

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Basfoliar® Root Booster SL is a liquid NP fertilizer with a synthetic amino acid complex. Thanks to its specific formulation, the product is very efficient and has an excellent compatibility with grasses. Basfoliar® Root Booster SL is taken up both by leaves and roots. The product was specifically developed for application in turf, but also shows an excellent performance in other crops like vegetables or ornamentals.

  • Biostimulating effects based on a special formulation of complex amino acids
  • Specific promotion of the root growth
  • Easy uptake and quick plant availability of the amino acids

Product Analysis 20N 5P Amino Synthetic

Apply at 10-20 litres per hectare in 400-600 litres of water 

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