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J Premier Fairway (20kg bag)

J Premier Fairway (20kg bag)

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100% fescue mixture for improved sward quality, unbeatable shoot density and excellent tolerance of salt and drought. The lower chemical, water and cutting requirements of J Premier Fairway makes it an ideal choice for sustainable golf fairways and tees.

Sowing rate - 25-35g/m2

Oversowing - 10-25g/m2

Mowing height - Down to 7mm

● 10% Orionette [Chewings Fescue]

Very high density and persistency to keep weeds

at bay, while remarkable Red Thread tolerance

ensures low N input

STRI Rating 7.8

● 10% Siskin [Chewings Fescue]

Highly ranked for disease resistance, salt

tolerance and visual merit even under low input


STRI Rating 7.2

● 15% Nigella [Slender Creeping Red Fescue]

Top-rated for fairway and close mown

management, exceptional density and outstanding

overall visual merit

STRI Rating 7.7

● 20% Seroa [Slender Creeping Red Fescue]

High visual merit, combined with high density and

excellent salt & drought tolerance

STRI Rating 7.6

● 25% Laverda [Strong Creeping Red Fescue]

The highest shoot density of any strong CRF and

top-rated for visual merit

STRI Rating 6.2

● 10% Quatro [Sheeps Fescue]

Exceptional salt and drought tolerance, stand out

disease resistance and natural year-round colour.

The hardest wearing Sheeps Fescue in STRI trials.

STRI Rating 8.2

● 10% Crystal [Hard Fescue]

Very high resistance to Red Thread, exceptional

drought tolerance and a dense, medium/dark

turf colour

STRI Rating 7.1


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