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J Premier Wicket (20kg bag)

J Premier Wicket (20kg bag)

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The four top-rated cultivars in J Premier Wicket deliver class leading wear tolerance for county quality cricket squares. Delivering proven results at the highest level, rapid establishment, high disease resistance and camera appeal can be expected from this renovation mixture as standard.

Sowing rate - 35-75g/m2

Oversowing - 25-75g/m2

Mowing height - Down to 2mm 

● 25% Clementine [Perennial Ryegrass]

Top-rated fine turf ryegrass bred for exceptional

shoot density, fineness of leaf and cleanliness of cut

STRI Rating 7.2

● 25% Monroe [Perennial Ryegrass]

The top-ranked all-rounder – shoot density, fine

leaf, recovery, disease resistance and coverage

STRI Rating 6.4

● 25% Dickens [Perennial Ryegrass]

High disease resistance, year-round colour and

strong regrowth makes this a top performer under

close mown conditions

STRI Rating 6.3

● 25% Chloe [Perennial Ryegrass]

Slow growing, wear tolerant variety with strong

performance even under dry conditions

STRI Rating 6.4

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