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J Roughs (20kg bag)

J Roughs (20kg bag)

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Specifically designed for sustainable golf roughs and dry impoverished soils, J Roughs delivers very slow regrowth and an attractive finish when left uncut. Offering year-round colour, the mixture can also be customised with local wild grasses - allowing natural regeneration of wildflower meadow species and attracting birds and insect life.

Sowing rate - 25-35g/m2

Oversowing - 15-25g/m2

Mowing height - Down to 25mm 

● 10% Samanta [Slender Creeping Red Fescue]

Tolerance of salt and close mowing and fair

resistance to Red Thread

● 25% Maxima [Strong Creeping Red Fescue]

High stress tolerant variety, giving good year-round

appearance and good disease resistance

● 25% Sergei [Strong Creeping Red Fescue]

Well rated for both shoot density and visual merit

● 25% Dumas [Hard Fescue]

High salt tolerance, shoot density and resistance to

fungal disease, together with a natural appearance

throughout the season

● 10% Crested Dogstail

An upright thin seed stem with a visually attractive

seed head, tolerant of drought and cold

● 5% Highland [Browntop Bent]

High shoot density, good drought resistance and

year-round colour

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