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J Ultra-Fine Green (20kg bag)

J Ultra-Fine Green (20kg bag)

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Ideal for the renovation of heavily worn greens, J Ultrafine Rye Green provides exceptional recovery and fine, dense turf for golf and bowling greens. Fast establishment is accompanied by high tolerance of wear, even under close mown conditions

Sowing rate - 25-35g/m2

Oversowing - 10-20g/m2

Mowing height - Down to 4mm 

● 30% Clementine [Perennial Ryegrass]

Top-rated fine turf ryegrass bred for exceptional

shoot density, fineness of leaf and cleanliness of cut

 STRI Rating 7.2

● 30% Chloe [Perennial Ryegrass]

Slow growing, wear tolerant variety with fine leaf

and outstanding shoot density

STRI Rating 6.4

● 20% Cezanne [Slender Creeping Red Fescue]

Versatile fine fescue with excellent salt tolerance.

Outstanding winter colour and ability to perform in

cold temperatures

 STRI Rating 7.4

● 10% Manor [Browntop Bent]

High tolerance to Fusarium and close mown wear

 STRI Rating 7.0

● 10% Arrowtown [Browntop Bent]

Exceptional shoot density and fineness of leaf to

deliver maximum trueness and ball speed

 STRI Rating 7.1

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