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J Ultrafine Rye 100 (20kg bag)

J Ultrafine Rye 100 (20kg bag)

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Any mix is only as fine as the coarsest grass - that’s why we’ve blended four of the finest cultivars to create J Ultrafine Rye 100! With exceptionally fine leaf and dense, fast-establishing varieties, J Ultrafine Rye 100 is ideal for fine turf renovations and other surfaces which demand high wear tolerance and high visual merit

Sowing rate - 35-75g/m2

Oversowing - 25-75g/m2

Mowing height - Down to 4mm 


20% Alathea [Perennial Ryegrass]

A very fine and dense variety, that cuts cleanly and

delivers excellent winter colour

STRI Rating 7.4

● 20% Clementine [Perennial Ryegrass]

Top-rated fine turf ryegrass bred for exceptional

shoot density, fineness of leaf and cleanliness

of cut

STRI Rating 7.6

● 30% Chloe [Perennial Ryegrass]

Fast establishing, wear tolerant variety with fine

leaf and outstanding shoot density

STRI Rating 7.2

● 30% Chardin [Perennial Ryegrass]

High shoot density, fast recovery and a fine leaf,

tolerant of close mown conditions

 STRI Rating 7.1

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