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Kick® LDS 10L

Kick® LDS 10L

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Kick® LDS is a highly effective liquid wetting agent against acute dry spots (local dry spots) on lawns. Kick® LDS promotes water absorption capacity and an even water distribution for hydrophobic sites and minimizes dry damage to grasses.
Especially in the case of sandy green superstructures, higher temperatures and longer dry periods, local dry spots occur. The active ingredient in Kick® LDS stores itself with its apolar ends to the hydrophobic soil particles. The polar, hydrophilic (water attracting) ends protrude to the outside, are “loaded” with water, and direct it into the dry areas.
The effect occurs quickly and lasts for repeated application over a longer period of time.

  • Surfactant to improve water infiltration into turf sods, especially in the presence of thatch
  • Break-up of hydrophobic sand layers
  • To avoid occurence of local dry spot (LDS)
  • To optimize efficiency of irrigation
  • Apply at 10 litres per hectare 
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