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PM25 Gro-Slow (20kg bag)

PM25 Gro-Slow (20kg bag)

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% Cultivar Speices
10% SAMANTA Slender creeping red fescue 
45%  MAXIMA Strong creeping red fescue 
30% DUMAS Hard fescue 
10%   Crested dogstail
5% HIGHLAND Browntop bent 

Sowing rate: 25-50g/m2
Sowing rate, when sowing with wild flora 4g/m2
Overseeding: 15-25g/m2
Mowing height:  20mm or twice/year to approx 100mm
Unmown heights: approx 150-200mm (excluding flower heads) depending on fertility

This is a reduced maintenance mix that is naturally low growing & attractive, using fine grasses that are very tolerant of dry, infertile conditions reduces the need for additional applications of water and fertiliser. The addition of Crested Dogstail to the mix ensures a quick germination and green up of the sward.

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