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Vitanica® MC 10L

Vitanica® MC 10L

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Vitanica® MC is a liquid organic-mineral NPK fertilizer for leaf and soil fertilization in high-quality turf grass during the whole growth period. Vitanica® MC contains besides the minerals and the seaweed extract a high level of metallic micronutrients in chelated form, especially manganese and copper. The active components are derived from the algea Ecklonia maxima with a very careful and patented coldpressing method.
Vitanica® MC has a fast effect on the plant growth and supports the vitality of the grass through the optimized combination of mineral and organic ingredients. Vitanica® MC has a positive effect on the energetic uptake of the plants und leads to a better assimilation. The high levels of manganese and copper correct the shortages of these micro elements especially in sandy soils. The micronutrients are chelated and therefore protected against fixation in the soil.

Product Analysis

  • Contains bioactive organic components (amino acids and vitamins) from the seaweed Ecklonia maxima
  • Fast effect on plant growth, color, vigour and health of grasses and turf
  • Chelated micronutrients for protection against fixation in the soil
  • Suitable for spraying and watering methods
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