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Vitanica® P3 10L

Vitanica® P3 10L

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Vitanica® P3 is a liquid NK fertilizer based on seaweed extracts (Ecklonia maxima), with a complete range of micronutrients for foliar application in high-quality turf grass during the whole growth period. Vitanica® P3 is also suitable for the fertilization of trees and shrubs as a soil drench application.
Vitanica® P3 contains active substances that help to promote root growth and development in the soil. The highly effective ingredients improve the photosynthetic performance, enhance the resistance of the turf grasses against stress and therefore assist in producing a healthy sward. The high potassium content, the nitrogen and also the chelated micronutrients support the effect and ensure healthy growth and root development on all soil types.

  • Special formulation with nutrients, trace elements and active ingredients from the seaweed Ecklonia maxima
  • Helps to improve the overall plant health and appearance, especially in stress situations

Product Analysis 5-15-10K+te

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