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Vitanica® Si 10L

Vitanica® Si 10L

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Vitanica® SI is an NPK fertilizer 5-3-7 with 10 % silicone for strong and resistant grass blades. Thanks to its alkaline formulation, the silicone is fully plant-available. The silicone and the main nutrients in combination with the natural seaweed extract from Ecklonia maxima and its biostimulating ingredients (amino acids, vitamins and minerals) boost the vitality of the grass. Thereby, they become more resistant to stress, diseases, heat and drought stress. The firmer grasses also improve the ball-rolling behavior.

  • For cell wall fortification
  • Silicate to strengthen the cell structures
  • Increase of plant tolerance against heat stress
  • Improved trueness and speed of golf greens
  • Increase of photosynthetic activity

Product Analysis 5-3-7te +10SiO

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